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  • Support created an article,

    Does Authereum have a web bug bounty program?

    Yes, Authereum has a bug bounty program. Scope for Web Applications In-Scope Vulnerabilities Accepted, in-scope vulnerabilities include, but are not limited to: - Disclosure of sensitive or persona...

  • Support created an article,

    Has Authereum been audited?

    Yes! We sought out some of the top Ethereum wallet security experts in the world to ensure that you and only you can access your funds. Backend and frontend codebases audit by Cure53 Contract Audi...

  • Support created an article,

    Where can I find developer documentation?

    Developer documentation is available at

  • Support created an article,

    Where I can read more FAQs?

    More FAQs are available at

  • Support created an article,

    Is Authereum non-custodial?

    Yes! When a user signs up on Authereum, a new contract-based account is deployed. Each account contract requires keys to manage it, so when you signed up a new key pair was also generated on your b...

  • Support created an article,

    Does Authereum have a smart contract bug bounty program?

    Yes! Authereum's contracts have an ongoing bug bounty in order to keep them as secure as possible. We will pay out up to $8,000 as a reward for a disclosure. Over time, we expect this reward to gro...

  • Support created an article,

    How can I enable cookies?

    Cookies are small pieces of text that servers save inside your browser when you visit their websites. From that moment on, whenever your browser communicates with that server again, it sends back t...

  • Support created an article,

    Is my Authereum account decentralized?

    Yes! Your Authereum account is 100% decentralized. You are free to do what you want with your deployed contract based account with or without any Authereum services. If you are using the Authereum ...

  • Support created an article,

    Can a relayer change my transaction?

    No. Your smart contract confirms that the relayer did not alter any data by confirming that the transaction signature that you sent it was valid.

  • Support created an article,

    What is a relayer?

    A relayer is a server that sends transactions to the Ethereum network. From the context of Authereum, relayers are the ones who send your signed transaction to the Authereum network so that you don...